Educational children’s board game about the English alphabet

Hello! My name is Dina Konovalova (aka Dinkoobraz), and I would like to tell you about the creation of my design for two children’s board games. I have been working as an illustrator for about two years, and one of my dreams was to create illustrations for board games. My friends and I really like […..]


Meet the wizard in this ‘pick your path’ adventure story by Bodie Hartley

Hi! My name is Bodie, I’m an illustrator, zine-maker, and dungeon master from Perth, Western Australia. I’ve recently released the second zine in my series of ‘pick your path’ adventure zines, Slowquest, Quest II: Meet the Wizard. It has been my plan all along to make these books into a series. Initially the first and […..]


Collage-like drawings by Jana Walczyk

My name is Jana Walczyk and I was born in July 1989 in Bramsche, Germany. For as long as I can remember, I have been painting and drawing. About 4 years ago I started to do it professionally. Since 1.5 years I’ve been fortunate to be able to work as an illustrator for children’s books […..]


Plant-filled drawings by Berlin based illustrator Elena Resko

My name is Elena Resko and I am a freelance illustrator currently based in Berlin, Germany. Living there for several years now, I am originally from a very small town in Russia. I grew up as a rather reserved child, always in some other world offered either by books or my own imagination. That was […..]


Dramatic drawings by Liverpool based illustrator David Howe

I’m David Howe, Liverpool based illustrator who studied at Manchester School of Art and graduated with First Class Honours in July 2016. I was born in the Philippines to a Filipino mother and British Father and lived in the far east for 7 years before moving to The UK in 2002. From a young age […..]


Melancholic imaginary drawings by Benjamin Schipper

I’m Benjamin Schipper, but just “Ben” to everyone who’s not interfacing with me through a search engine. I’m a 27 year old illustrator working and living in Greenville, South Carolina. I was born in California to a military family so we didn’t stay there. We moved all around the country and art became the one […..]

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